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Leading companies in pharmaceutical R & D, biotechnology and cosmetics have trusted our work for more than 15 years. We analyze their highly innovative products in our electron microscopy application laboratory.

The central method hereby is the transmission electron microscopy (TEM). This is a unique and direct method to find evidence of nanoscopic structures, such as the morphology of colloidal dispersions, cosmetic formulations and pharmaceuticals as drug delivery systems.

For the imaging of surface structures of organic and inorganic structures the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is used.

Our experience of many years in the fields of electron microscopy, the corresponding spectrum of preparation techniques and the networking with university laboratories guarantees a fast order processing for our customers.
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Our service spectrum is the central link for companies in product development and in quality control within larger projects, as well as in the investigation of individual samples.

We present a full comprehensive service from consulting as to which preparation method is suitable to the careful execution of preparation and microscopy. In a detailed report we present the results of the investigation.

We also offer special courses in the different preparation and microscopically techniques.